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11 Dec 17

15 Reasons to Date a Retired Farmer

Unlike many professions, farmers tend to slow down rather than retire. They may delegate to family or farmworkers but often don’t let go of the reins completely.

They are likely to continue living in the farmhouse or a cottage on the land when and if they retire. If you love the countryside and rural living here are 15 reasons to date a retired farmer.

  1. Health and fitness

    Having worked on the land for most of their working life, they will not only look fit but often are healthy. This applies especially if they have been married to someone who cooks the fresh produce from the farm.

  2. Traditional values

    Family values are important to most farmers so if you are a traditionalist you will get on well.

  3. Fresh food

    Fresh food is abundant from the farm and your retired farmer date may invite you over for a meal rather than take you to a restaurant. You can guarantee the food will be delicious.

  4. Lower your carbon footprint

    If you are intent on lowering your carbon footprint there is no better place to do it than on a farm. Organic produce and renewable energy abound on most of them.

  5. Loyal and supportive

    Having protected their farms and families for years, you’ll find retired farmers incredibly loyal and supportive. This is a real plus point for mature dating.

  6. A breath of fresh air

    Dating a retired farmer means you can get out in the fresh air at any time with your date and be at one with nature whenever you like.

  7. Learn new and fun skills

    Have you always wanted to ride a horse or donkey, or drive a tractor? You can fulfil all these dreams on a farm.

  8. Community spirit

    Many farmers are neighbourly, helping each other out in emergencies and in bad weather as well as contributing to their local community. Even when retired, farmers will often be seen at garden fetes and agricultural fairs. This gives you a chance to get out of your wellies and dress in your best!

  9. Never lazy

    Farming is not easy, requiring stamina and hard work. Any small job you might want a retired farmer to do will be a piece of cake in comparison!

  10. Nurturing and respectful

    Planting, cultivating and working the land take perseverance and a plan for a long term future. In relationships you’ll be nurtured and respected.

  11. Always optimistic

    A retired farmer is likely to be optimistic. Years on the farm where not every crop produces a bountiful harvest doesn’t diminish their enthusiasm. They will plant again next year and hope that the conditions are better for their crops to thrive. Isn’t it great to be around optimistic people?

  12. Great management skills

    To run a successful farming business it’s necessary to be organised and a good manager. A retired farmer recognises you have to speculate to accumulate. You’ll find they will organise a date down to the last detail.

  13. Marvellous with animals

    Your date will get on well with your pets. There is very little farmers don’t know about animals. They may recognise signs of illness or being off colour well before you do.

  14. Life and soul of the party

    Whilst working, farmers don’t get a lot of time to socialise. They work long hours and are usually shattered by the time they get home. In retirement they make up for all the partying they have missed. A party on a farm is a joy to attend with fantastic food and copious amounts of drink.

  15. Exciting sex life

    With a retired farmer you can expect to be swept of your feet in a field, barn or orchard. There’s no need to wait until you get home to the bedroom.

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