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4 Dec 17

15 Reasons to Date a Retired Osteopath

Alternative health care is more popular today than it has ever been. There’s no doubt that when we reach the over 50s we are more susceptible to ailments.

When it comes to mature dating a retired healthcare professional can be quite a catch. Check out our 15 reasons for dating a retired Osteopath.

  1. Strong hands

    An Osteopath’s hands are an integral part of their toolkit. They spend years massaging and manoeuvring joints, muscles and the spine. Imagine having one in our life to ease those tense shoulders and relieve your back pain for free!

  2. Relationship building qualities

    Romantic relationships succeed with compassion, sympathy and consideration. Osteopaths bring all these qualities to the table.

  3. Natural carers

    By the nature of their profession, Osteopaths have spent their careers caring about the pain their patients are in and want to ease it. In a relationship they’ll care about your pain, both mentally and physically.

  4. Intuition matters

    Osteopaths are intuitive and appreciate that it takes more than textbooks to succeed in their profession.

  5. Brilliant problem solvers

    In the human body, where you feel pain is often not at the source of the problem. Osteopaths are highly skilled in working out where the problem really is. In relationships working out the cause of a problem goes a long way toward resolving it.

  6. Physical intimacy

    Intimacy in never a problem for a retired Osteopath, their career has necessitated getting up close and personal with hundreds of bodies!

  7. Empathy

    Whilst Osteopaths deal mainly with physical pain they are also acutely aware of emotional stress. Many of their patients experience neck pain because of tense muscles and trapped nerves. This is often brought on by stress and an inability to relax. Retired Osteopaths will understand your pain, mental or physical and the effect it has on you. The have a calming influence and the ability to soothe your cares away.

  8. Health matters

    Old habits die hard so osteopaths don’t stop caring about health when they retire. They’ll care about yours too. This will include diet as well as exercise. Date anyone in this profession and you will become fitter.

  9. Physical fitness

    Osteopaths understand their bodies and not only treat themselves but keep up exercises that are likely to maintain suppleness and strength. Exercising together can be fun.

  10. Good listeners

    Listening to their patients is an integral part of Osteopathy. Your date will be used to listening attentively so you can be sure they’ll hang onto your every word.

  11. In the bedroom

    Due to keeping themselves in shape, an Osteopath in the bedroom will be dexterous, imaginative and energetic. Be prepared for a more than satisfying experience!

  12. Gentle giants

    Both strength and gentleness are needed in this profession and a retired Osteopath will possess these qualities in equal measure.

  13. Networking skills

    A retired Osteopath has years of networking skills under their belt, as well as marketing their own business. They are great socialisers and are likely to get on with everyone in your social circle. Be careful your friends don’t try to commandeer them for massages though!

  14. Money management

    Most Osteopaths are in private practice. Being self-employed they learn to manage money well. They may not all be rich, but they are not poor either.

  15. Powers of concentration

    All medical practitioners regularly attend conferences and continue to study throughout their careers. Learning requires concentration. You’ll find your date intelligent and absorbed in your conversation.

Do you think these 15 reasons to date a retired Osteopath are good enough for you to consider it? Visit Old Romantics, for an unforgettable, mature dating experience.


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