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23 Oct 17

15 Reasons to Date a Retired Pilot

Visit any over 50s dating website and you’ll find that retired pilots are in high demand.

There is nothing cooler than introducing your date to people and watching their reaction when you tell them you’re having dinner with a pilot. Here are our top 15 reasons to date a retired pilot.

  1. Courageous

    Anyone who has spent their lives ascending above 30,000 feet is brave. Pilots don’t chicken out of anything!

  2. Fashion conscious

    People in uniform are attractive to many. In their personal lives pilots like branded clothing and top of the range Ray-Bans are a must. A retired pilot will dress for every occasion perfectly.

  3. Multi-tasking

    Taking the responsibility for the safety of passengers, handling a myriad of controls in the cockpit and keeping a multi-million pound plane in the air are just a few of the tasks pilots are assigned.

    Retired pilots can do several things at once and will certainly have an interest in multi-tasking in the bedroom.

  4. Interesting conversation

    Proliferate travellers; the tales pilots have to tell will keep your friends enthralled at any social gathering. Add a dash of adventure in the skies and they’ll be hooked for life. Whether your retired pilot is a party animal or more sedate, you can guarantee they’re never boring.

  5. Experts in weathering the storm

    Accustomed to both inclement and clear weather, in relationships retired pilots know how to brave a storm. When problems arise they calmly work out solutions. A little turbulence along the way can be exciting!

  6. Self-confident

    With personal traits that include concentration and a high level of responsibility, pilots are very self-confident. In having respect for themselves, they recognise the importance of respect in romantic relationships. You can expect a balanced, considerate partnership when you date a retired pilot.

  7. Highly perceptive

    Trained to notice the smallest change pilots are good at reading people’s moods. If you find your date irresistible they’ll notice it probably before you even know it.

  8. Taking responsibility

    Making sure that hundreds of people are safe at any one time pilots are used to taking responsibility. A retired pilot will never be late for a date, you won’t get lost on the way to a restaurant and you certainly won’t starve. Being prepared for any eventuality is part of their DNA.

  9. Turned on

    A lifetime of pressing buttons will ensure they’ll know what turns you on. Adventurous in bed, no position will faze them!

  10. Lose your fear of flying

    If you are frightened of flying, dating a retired pilot is the best way to conquer your fear. You’ll be flying to exotic places, cocktail in hand, with not a care in the world. Sitting next to a pilot on an aircraft is very reassuring.

  11. Mile High Club

    Never joined the Mile High Club? What better person to do it with than an experienced pilot?!

  12. Exciting dates

    The likelihood is that your date will want to keep their hand in on flying time even when retired. Prepare to be whisked off to Paris or Venice in a private plane

  13. Flying lessons

    It’s never too late to learn to fly. You’ll discover lots of retired pilots on over 50s dating websites prepared to teach you. Imagine how romantic that would be!

  14. Financially secure

    Retired pilots usually own at least one property and have good pensions. They also often have a taste for the finer things in life. Prepare to be awe inspired!

  15. Settling down

    Pilots have been surrounded by beautiful flight attendants throughout their careers. Travelling all over the world, they’ve sown all the wild oats they need to by the time they retire. Those you find on over 50s dating websites are invariably looking for someone to settle down with.

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