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30 Oct 17

15 Reasons to Date a Retired Police Officer

Police officers around the world largely commit to serve and protect the citizens of their countries and communities.

Here we explore 15 reasons to date a retired police officer for those seeking a partner on an over 50s dating website.

  1. Safe and secure

    Having devoted their lives to protecting people you will feel very secure with these outstanding pillars of society.

  2. Know the best places

    Retired police officers know the best areas to take you on a date and which places to avoid.

  3. Truthful and honourable

    Honesty and integrity are hallmarks of a police officer’s career. The likelihood of them telling you lies is therefore negligible. In terms of personal relationships, these qualities are essential.

  4. Murder, mystery and suspense

    If you have read any books written by retired police officers you will know that they have fascinating stories to tell. You won’t be bored especially if you love murder, mystery and suspense!

  5. Great with grandchildren

    Children respect police officers and will be inspired by your date. Your grandchildren may be encouraged to join the force and lead worthwhile careers helping the community.

  6. Decision makers

    Great problem solvers, they’ll help you make difficult decisions and you can be assured they’ll keep their cool in emergencies. Police officers are prepared for almost any eventuality.

  7. Fantastic listeners

    Listening forms a large part of the job with the ability to remember what they are told. You can pour your heart out and know that what you say is being absorbed. Chances are that your date will ask lots of questions too. They’ll be genuinely interested in knowing as much about you as possible, for all the right reasons.

  8. Kiss and make up quickly

    The odd tiff can happen in any romance. Police officers will confront the issue head on. They won’t prevaricate or put off until tomorrow what can be dealt with today. So disagreements will be resolved quickly.

  9. Adventurous in bed

    Your friends might rib you about handcuffs and uniforms if you date a retired police officer. Envy of a strip search is likely to be the cause!

  10. Extremely patient

    Patience is a virtue often found in the police force. Hours spent on surveillance or waiting for a confession is part of the job. Patience in a relationship is all good!

  11. Caring in the community

    Your date will have spent their whole career trying to maintain or change the community for the better. Police officers are generally nice people, in or out of the job.

  12. Brave and dependable

    Noted for heroic deeds you can justifiably be proud of a retired police officer in your life. Your family will worry less about your new dependable protector.

  13. Financially secure

    A police career comes with many benefits including early retirement and a great pension. In the over 50s dating stakes, they don’t come much more financially secure.

  14. Excellent drivers

    You can be a safe passenger with a retired police officer driving the car. They know the law and stick to it.

  15. Value loyalty

    During their careers police officers are often assigned partners. They will defend their partners with their lives and have a loyalty to them seldom found in any other profession. They value loyalty in personal relationships too.

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