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27 Nov 17

15 Reasons to Date a Retired Teacher

Most people know that teachers are generally wonderful. They work hard for very little remuneration. They regularly make us laugh and rarely have time for socialising until they retire.

If you have just joined the mature dating scene here are 15 reasons to date a retired teacher.

  1. Great attributes

    In their working lives teachers are passionate in everything they do. They are considerate, attentive, patient and passionate. They perform well under pressure and are never late for anything. In retirement these are perfect attributes when applied to their personal relationships.

  2. General all-rounders

    No matter the occasion a retired teacher will adapt well. They are not fazed by anything. Most of their lives they have participated in entertainment in schools and colleges. They’ve met all manner of parents and kept smiling.

  3. Simple gifts

    Any gift you give will be delightful. Teachers have received apples, sketches, biscuits, paperweights and wonky cups from pottery classes during their careers. It’s not difficult to please a retired teacher.

  4. Long holidays

    It’s a myth that teachers have long holidays. Most of their free time is spent marking their students’ work and setting course work. When retired they will want to spend long holidays relaxing and having fun.

  5. Quality time at weekends

    It’s hard to break the habits of a lifetime and most teachers have a lie in on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Breakfast in bed, watching a movie with plenty of coffee is all part of the quality time you can expect from your date (not necessarily on the first date though!)

  6. Excellent financial management

    A retired teacher will be excellent at managing money. Not having much of it when working, they can stretch their finances in ways most people couldn’t imagine.

  7. Creativity

    How many of your friends can make 50 things out of an empty washing up liquid bottle? Your grandchildren will be awe inspired by your date.

  8. Food appreciation

    Any dish you serve that doesn’t include baked beans or spaghetti hoops will be appreciated and considered a feast.

  9. Scintillating conversation

    Retired teachers are great listeners as well as talkers. After all, they’ve spent most of their careers doing both in equal measure. Conversations over wine, coffee or a meal are guaranteed to be fascinating.

  10. Very patient

    Being accustomed to waiting for results and explaining things over and over again, this profession is possibly top of the list for patience.

  11. Superhero

    If your date has spent their career in the local area for a long period of years, it’s likely they’ll be considered something of a superhero in the community. Who else could ever put up with all those kids five days a week?

  12. Sense of humour

    Without a sense of humour most teachers would never stay the course in their profession. Your date will regale you with anecdotes and incredible stories that will have in tears of laughter.

  13. Celebrity status

    Being seen with your date in Aldi, Primart and the local café will make you feel like a celebrity. Your date will have purchased stuff in these economic establishments so frequently; they’ll probably roll out the red carpet.

  14. Relive your crush

    If you had a crush on a teacher in your youth you can relive it with your date. Imagine they’re the maths teacher you fancied so much that you failed maths, because your head was full of unrequited love.

  15. Improve your education

    It’s never too late to learn and a retired teacher will be happy to teach you anything you want to know. And this time you can get up close and personal!

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