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6 Nov 17

15 Reasons to Date a Retired Vet

When it comes to mature dating it’s a great idea to explore what your proposed date’s career was before retirement.

Here are 15 reasons to date a retired vet.

  1. For vets patience is a virtue. They deal with sick animals that are often frightened and nervous. When animals are scared, aggression may surface where there has never been any before. A vet will be kind, gentle and compassionate toward the animal ensuring that treatment is carried out as calmly as possible. These characteristics carried over into a relationship add up to a huge plus point.

  2. Vets aren’t lazy. Quite apart from years of studying to gain their qualifications, they work longer hours than many professionals. Between their duties in the clinic, home visits and emergency callouts, work is a vocation rather than a chore.

  3. Meticulous with hygiene, you can guarantee your date will turn up smelling of roses or at least something pleasant.

  4. Vets are decisive. If a decision has to be made it will be done quickly since it can make the difference between life and death. Accustomed to quick evaluations, you can be confident that invariably the decision will be the right one.

  5. Before embarking upon a career as a vet, they know they’re unlikely to be showered with accolades. It’s a career chosen with a passion to help sick animals. Your date won’t to want to be the centre of attention.

  6. Vets are courageous. Your date may have been mauled, scratched, kicked and bitten many times over. Committed to a caring career, vets always go back for more!

  7. There is nothing squeamish about vets. They’ve seen stomach churning things but have an amazing ability to ignore the grossness and work through them.

  8. Compassionate beyond measure, vets will weep when their clients’ pets depart this life and celebrate with them when a pet recovers, against all odds.

  9. Dedicated to saving lives, ensuring dignity in death and easing suffering vets make great senior dating candidates.

  10. Vets spend their lives having to do the right thing, even in the face of adversity.

  11. Dating a retired vet can be fun. They’ll have a fantastic sense of humour which comes from years of interacting with all forms of animals.

  12. If you have grandchildren you can depend on a vet to brighten their day. Accustomed to seeing children with their pets vets are attuned to the needs of children wanting to see their furry friends made better.

  13. Vets are reassuring and masters in the art of consoling people in the most difficult of circumstances. Retired vet have spent much of their lives dealing with stress and calming people down.

  14. Great communicators, you’ll find retired vets are marvellous listeners and talkers. In the course of their work they have had to listen as owners describe their pet’s symptoms. Having diagnosed the problem the vet then has to explain, in terms owners can understand, how their pet will be treated and precisely the nature of the illness or injury.

  15. Last but not least, vets adore animals with a passion and commitment that led them to a caring career. What’s not to love about a retired vet?

If these 15 reasons to date a retired vet have convinced you to look for one, why not check out Old Romantics, the UK’s leading over 50’s dating site.


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