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13 Nov 17

Why Date an Older Aquarius?

One of the most loyal of Zodiac signs, Aquarius is also probably the most complex. If you like a challenge and thrive on the unpredictable, an older Aquarian may be your ideal mature dating match.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to date an older Aquarian.

  1. Out of the box

    Aquarians could never be described as ordinary or average. Some are positively eccentric (but in a nice way). They have the ability to think outside the box and will often collect interesting and peculiar objects. Boredom is definitely not something you’ll experience with an older Aquarian.

  2. Naturally inquisitive

    Your date will be curious about most things including you. Firm believers in “you learn something new every day”, they absorb knowledge like sponges. The more unusual and weird something is, the more their interest peaks. So if you have odd skeletons in your cupboard, you can offload them onto an Aquarian who will positively love to hear about them.

    You don’t need to worry that they won’t be able to handle something. They want to know everything about you before making a commitment and you shouldn’t hold back.

  3. Highly unpredictable

    Aquarians can never be read like a book. One day they may loll around the house in track suit bottoms and the next, be dressed to the nines. Freedom of expression comes in many forms with this Zodiac sign.

  4. Lovingly affectionate

    Putting the world to rights, cuddled together on the sofa is their idea of perfection. Just spending quality time together talking is sufficient to make an Aquarian more than happy.

  5. Looking from the outside in

    Always able to view things from a different perspective, your date will always be prepared to compromise if problems arise. An Aquarian can always come up with a way to make things right for both people in the relationship.

  6. Marvellous listeners

    Your older Aquarian date is more likely to listen than talk very much. They are genuinely interested in fascinating stories of other people’s lives. Even if you believe your life hasn’t been interesting, your date will love to hear about it.

  7. Independence matters

    If you have led a relatively independent lifestyle, dating an Aquarian is a great idea. They value their own space and will respect that you want some too. Don’t feel awkward about setting boundaries because they’ll understand them.

  8. Dates to dream about

    Aquarians are creative and great dreamers. They’ll come up with imaginative ideas for dates whether it’s for a simple night in, a picnic in the countryside, a swish restaurant or just a walk in the park. You can guarantee it won’t be what you thought it would be – a dash of creativity and adventure will be in it somewhere.

  9. Self-confident

    The older Aquarian has led their life not caring what people think of them. They ooze self-confidence and are highly self-assured. Set in their beliefs it’s unlikely anyone will change them.

  10. Least materialistic

    Possessions will not impress them since they are more appreciative of life’s small pleasures. They are also givers rather than takers.

  11. Live life to the full

    An apt motto for Aquarians is “never put off until tomorrow, something you can enjoy today”. They are fun to be with and party animals given the chance. They believe life is for living, never regret the past and live for today.

  12. Positive and Optimistic

    You won’t be depressed with an Aquarian. They are positive and optimistic in all that they do. Negativity is not an option. If you are feeling down, they’ll lift your mood and help you get over whatever is depressing you.

If you are up for the challenge, why not join Old Romantics today and find your older Aquarius date? Committed and loyal to their partners mature dating with Aquarius has a high possibility of leading to bright future.


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