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20 Nov 17

Why Date an Older Gemini?

If you are joining the mature dating market and have an interest in astrology, you might want to consider some characteristics of people born under various signs of the Zodiac.

So why date an older Gemini?

  1. Conversation naturally flows

    Geminis love to talk. Indeed they enjoy communicating through all mediums including Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Messenger and a myriad of other social media platforms. This is not surprising since Mercury is their ruling planet which is all about communication.

    You will need to be a good listener if you date and older Gemini but you’ll never have to worry about what they are thinking. They’ll tell you before you get a chance to ask the question!

    You’ll never be bored. Geminis can talk for hours about scintillating topics.

  2. Socialising is high on the list of priorities

    If you don’t socialise much at the moment be prepared for that to change dramatically when you date a Gemini. Being popular, they are likely to be invited to all forms of social events. As their significant other, you will be welcomed by their large group of interesting friends.

    They can get into the best places and obtain the most sought after tickets just through their contacts.
  3. Flirting is part of their DNA

    If you don’t know what “sexting” is you’ll find out in time? Flirtatious messages will pour into your inbox on a regular basis. Subtle hints, banter and charm are par for the course with Geminis. They like you to know they are thinking about you and your heart may skip a beat! But don’t panic, it won’t happen until well after the first date!

  4. Expect spontaneity

    Having planned to go to the theatre don’t be surprised if, at the last minute, your older Gemini date wants to change the venue. You might instead end up at a concert or an exclusive night club. Geminis are impulsive but always exciting.

  5. Followers of fashion

    Born under a sign of creativity, Geminis always look their best. They love to appear in the most fashionable clothes and present an image of flawlessness. There will never be a time when your date will let you down on appearance, ever!

  6. Adventurous in bed

    As long term partners, Geminis are as creative in bed as they are out of it. They will want to ensure that your sex life never becomes complacent. This may involve trying all the positions in the Karma Sutra, sexy lingerie, the introduction of sex toys or maybe making love in non-traditional places.

  7. Exacting standards

    From fashion brands to art, literature and style Geminis are fairly set on what they like. This may encompass the way furniture is arranged, the décor of the home and even the type of dinner service. If you like order and hate clutter, you’ll get on well with a Gemini.

  8. Personal space

    We all need a certain amount of personal space and Geminis are no different. Going out with their friends, playing computer games or curling up with a good book will be part of their lives. If you value your independence, a Gemini will respect that since in or out of relationships they’ll want some space too.

  9. Great researchers

    If you have a perfect holiday in mind, let your Gemini date find it. They will make sure you both get what you need from the break and won’t compromise until they find the ideal location. And they’ll keep within budget!

Mature dating with an older Gemini is fun, exciting, stimulating and there’ll never be time to be bored. Want to find one? Check out Old Romantics today where several are waiting to bring the sparkle back into your life.


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