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16 Oct 17

Why Date an Older Leo?

As you search through an over 50s dating website keep an eye out for a Leo.

At the very least you will end up with a permanent friend! So why date an older Leo? Here are some reasons to bring one into your life.

Loyal and reliable

Possibly the two most important things in a romantic relationship, Leo scores high on both. Your date won’t interfere with your independence, allowing you the space you need. However, they’ll always be welcoming when you return irrespective of the passage of time. Leos never forget.

Expensive gifts

We know it’s really the thought that counts but receiving something expensive and luxurious never did anyone any harm. Leo instinctively knows what you’ll like and will go the extra mile to get it for you. Money is no object. However, bear in mind they’ll expect to receive the same quality of gift back.

Family matters

Just as a lion takes care of the pride, a Leo will provide for and protect the family. They’ll make sure everyone has what they need and that no one harms them. In a relationship your family will be invited into the pride and will warm to the older Leo.

Fun to be with

Socially Leos are the life and soul of any party. Spontaneous, exciting and charming they are invited to the best social events. You can be sure your entrance won’t go unnoticed with a Leo on our arm.


Leos are notorious for turning up when you least expect them. If you like surprises this can be exciting. You may have to train them to call ahead if you don’t.


Just like cats, stroking the older Leo will produce outstanding results on a night in. Pampering them will have them eating out of your hand, especially if you feed them treats.

Practical and helpful

If you need help with anything your older Leo date will be delighted to assist. Struggling to polish your interview skills for a new job? Leo will coach you. Lacking in confidence? Spend time with Leo so that their ultra-self-confidence rubs off on you.

You can rely on Leo to get you out of an awkward situation and bring a new perspective to personal dilemmas.

Handy around the house – almost

Most Leos are proficient at DIY. They love to fix things and will do a great job providing they are not distracted. Small tasks are likely to get done and dusted easily but longer projects might not fare so well. If they get bored, they will put off until tomorrow what they should definitely do today!

Making love

Considerate in bed, few signs of the Zodiac produce such passionate lovers as Leo. Your pleasure is more important than theirs and their charm is irresistible. No matter where your relationship takes you, a Leo in bed is a memorable experience.


Your older Leo date can be trusted to keep your secrets. No matter what you tell them, they’ll hold it close to their heart.


Many retired Leos have been highly successful in their chosen careers. Their confidence and charm leads them into powerful jobs which is why politicians and presidents are highly represented under this sign of the Zodiac.

Outstanding qualities

Your Leo date will have so many outstanding qualities it will be difficult to find fault. They’re straightforward, honest, trustworthy, extrovert, affectionate and loyal to name just a few. All these traits enhance the possibility of a successful and lasting romantic relationship.

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