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9 Oct 17

Why Date an Older Scorpio?

Whether you believe in astrology or not, the signs of the Zodiac tend to be astonishingly accurate in terms of characteristics and personality traits.

For senior dating it’s quite important to find someone who you’re likely to get on with immediately. Unlike young people, we don’t have the luxury of time on our side to spend years finding the perfect partner. Here we look at some reasons to date an older Scorpio.

Honesty is the best policy

In any relationship honesty is paramount. An older Scorpio has had years of experience in telling the truth even when you might not want to hear it. There is nothing tactful about Scorpios when it comes to being honest. They like uncomplicated, transparent relationships. For this reason often Scorpios will be your friends for life. You can guarantee if you look awful in that new dress a Scorpio will tell you. And if they say you look stunningly beautiful they mean it!

However, keep them away from any “two faced” associates you may have. The Scorpio’s blunt approach to exposing them might prove embarrassing at social gatherings!

Scorpios give great gifts

Not for them the money in the card, or the hastily purchased flowers from the local service station! If an older Scorpio buys you a gift, it will be well thought out, unusual and perfect. It’s often said that the thought counts when giving a present rather than the gift. Scorpios believe both count in equal measure.

Actions speak louder than words

Scorpios are quite reserved when speaking about their feelings, more particularly when they don’t know you very well. Even when trust has been established, they are likely to show you their passion and romance by deed rather than talk about it.

They can be possessive but in a nice way. Scorpios are not controlling but believe in a healthy amount of jealousy. Even when younger they look for long term romance – one night stands just don’t turn them on!

Practical realists

It’s almost impossible to fool a Scorpio. Even when they are madly and passionately in love, they have the ability to see through facades. If you keep secrets from them, they’ll know it and won’t bat an eyelid in asking you what you are hiding. Practical in the extreme, they’ll let you go if they think your feelings are not as strong as theirs or you don’t want the same things as they do.

Ambitious and persistent

In their careers, Scorpios are highly ambitious with a persistence that can put their colleagues to shame. They never settle for second best, when they can achieve more. If you date an older Scorpio expect them to put great effort into providing the best of all things.

Not afraid of challenges, Scorpios don’t mind overcoming obstacles or difficulties of any kind to get what they want.

Retired Scorpios may have been in any number of professions but are often Coroners, Lawyers, Private Detectives, Surgeons, Sex Therapists and Hypnotists. The chances are they will be financially secure when you meet them.

Money matters

Scorpios are usually savers and successful investors. Highly intuitive, they will take risks but usually backed up by intuition and knowledge of the market. They rarely waste money and absolutely never talk about it. The chances are you’ll never know how much your Scorpio date is worth even if you have been dating them for years. Indeed you might not know even if you marry them!

Occasionally Scorpios like to spend money on “small indulgences”. This could mean buying a designer handbag for more money than you’d spend on a used car or perhaps on a world cruise. Luckily these impulses don’t happen often but when they do, prepare to be amazed.


There are certain Zodiac signs that are more compatible with Scorpio than others. For example you’re more likely to have a successful outcome if your own sign is Pisces, Virgo, Cancer or Capricorn. But no matter your sign, you can’t fail to enjoy senior dating with a charming Scorpio.

Ardent lovers

Most people, even those with little knowledge of astrology, have heard that Scorpios are hot, passionate lovers. There’s a reason that these sensuous, charming flirts have earned this reputation. Ask anyone who has dated or is married to a Scorpio what it is!

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